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      A real journey through Sassuolo’s ceramic district

      The route is divided into six exhibition rooms, each dedicated to a specific historical period.

      An exciting journey that began, precisely, back in 1741…

      Documents, papers, drawings, photographs that tell us more than 300 years of history…

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Marca Corona Prize 2024

Opera Aperta: between contingency and wonder

The contest is aligned with artist Stefano Arienti’s cultural project for the 2023/2024 edition of Marca Corona per l’Arte.

The path, which led to the realisation of the artist’s unpublished works, was created and developed through dialogue. Arienti, after gathering suggestions from meetings with company employees, selected a number of objects in the production plant and the Galleria Marca Corona, taking them out of their context and elevating them to works of art.

The artist’s historical works (Turbine, Alghe, Meridiane, Pongo, Formelle), which become part of the exhibition, once again bear witness to Arienti’s experiments with the most diverse materials that, at first glance, are unrelated to the art world. Thus, allowing themselves to be guided by contingency, simple objects become full of wonder, in a continuous dialogue with their users: the concept of Opera Aperta lies precisely in this exchange.

The competition projects will be selected by an outstanding jury:

Stefano Arienti (artist) president of the jury
Stefania Spaggiari (director of the Fiorano ceramics museum)
Luca Molinari (architect)
Federico Palumbo (Osservatorio Futura)
Giovanni Scarzella (collector)
Sara Zambon (CEO R&P Contemporary Art)
Luca Fiandri (Corona Brand R&D manager)
Mariachiara Russo (Product Manager Marca Corona)

With the participation of curator Maria Vittoria Baravelli.

Are you an emerging artist looking for a great opportunity?
This is your chance!

How to participate

Download the rules and sign up!

Appointment not to be missed n February 2024,
during the Arte Fiera event in Bologna, a commission of experts will announce the name of the winner.

Prizes Cash reward to enhance your talent Immersive artist residency at our company Ceramic creation of the proposed work
Immersive artist residency at our company
Ceramic creation of the proposed work.


A perfect combination of craftsmanship, enterprise and contemporary art

In its long history, Marca Corona has cyclically activated collaborations with artists that with their style and creativity often initiated new stylistic periods of the corporate production. Still today Marca Corona aims to be a promoter of new languages and new artistic influences, embracing the combination of craftsmanship, company and contemporary art, supporting young artists. The dialogue with young artists is developed in the wake of this tradition with the aim of promoting and enhancing the research of new talents. Through the competition, they will be able to produce and exhibit unpublished and original works as a result of their interpretation of the various topics proposed. The works, made by the Company under the direction of the Artist, will be placed in the company’s spaces and, over the years, these works will prolong the stylistic and creative path that the company has traversed in its almost 300 years of history.