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      A real journey through Sassuolo’s ceramic district

      The route is divided into six exhibition rooms, each dedicated to a specific historical period.

      An exciting journey that began, precisely, back in 1741…

      Documents, papers, drawings, photographs that tell us more than 300 years of history…

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Galleria Marca Corona

A real journey of discovery into the evolution of ceramics.

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Marca Corona per l'Arte Project

Corporate values become travelling works of art thanks to the creativity of artists

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Marca Corona

Marca Corona

Galleria Marca Corona is much more than just a Company Museum: it is a real journey through Sassuolo’s ceramic district. From its origins to the present day, here we find an in-depth analysis of the evolution of ceramics as customs and needs evolved, in a veritable discovery journey into the know-how and excellence of Made in Italy.

As of 2021, Galleria Marca Corona becomes a member of Museimpresa, the Associazione Italiana Archivi e Musei d’Impresa, an Italian organisation that brings together the corporate museums of large, small and medium-sized enterprises and promotes them throughout Italy, to safeguard the memory of Italian industry and favour the testimonies of an extraordinary manufacturing capability, a driver of sustainable development and cornerstone of a widespread economic, social and civil culture.

The contemporary art route undertaken by Marca Corona is part of the history of a district that consecrated the fortune and, at the same time, the vocation of a territory.

Marca Corona per l’Arte (Marca Corona for art) is a participatory artistic journey that entrusts a recognised artist each year with the interpretation of the company’s values, which, with the collaboration of employees, becomes a travelling work of art.

Opera aperta

Ceramiche Marca Corona confirms its choice of art as the privileged language to celebrate tradition, enhance its human capital and interpret the contemporary. This year it will be artist Stefano Arienti who will tell the story of the company’s long history of excellence and identity with a choral work created with the company’s own employees.